LAG Tactical

M.C.S. Combo


Modular Carry System (M.C.S.) Line:

With the tooling designed in CAD and CNC machined to exacting tolerances, the new M.C.S. Accessory line is intended to be compact, modular, adjustable, and rugged. Each model is designed to fit a wide range of magazines in the same carrier.  With a huge range of adjustment, the M.C.S. Carriers can do it all. 

These M.C.S. items come preconnected in many possible variations to fulfill your various carrying needs.  Simply select from the options below and and we will set them up however you would like. 



- Various color options available

- Fits a wide range of magazines in the same carrier

- Adjustable retention

- Flared opening for easy insertion

- Magazine carriers will accept both rounds forward or rounds backwards

- Compatible with other common mounting options



Made in the U.S.A.

Lifetime Warranty


For reference:

M.C.S. #1 will be the left most item when looking at the front of your M.C.S. Combo.  M.C.S. #2 will be connected to #1, and #3 (optional) will be connected to #2.

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