LAG Tactical

Light Bearing Supernova (Competition Holster)


With the same quality as our regular 'Nova holster, but for your firearm with a weapon light and/or laser.  This holster was developed in cooperation with our Pro Staff and professional USPSA and Multigun shooters. The Light Bearing 'Nova is sure to be the last competition holster you'll ever need.  Available in 2 height cuts (Above or below the ejection port), along with options for compatibility with well established and popular 3rd party accessories such as the ELS and QLS systems from Safariland, the BOSS Hanger from BSPS, and others, there's no shortage to the amount of customization possibilities with this holster. Available as a stand alone item, or set up with the 3rd party hardware, we've got a solution for your competition holster needs.


Holster features include:

- Mid and Low cut options lend themselves well to faster draws from the holster; enabling the shooter to start rotating the muzzle forward as soon as possible.

- Various Kydex color options

- Made from 0.080" Kydex to ensure longevity, stiffness, and durability.

- Flared openings where applicable to enable smooth holstering.

- Available in several different mounting hole patterns to accommodate popular 3rd party accessories.

- Adjustable retention screws near the trigger guard and the muzzle in order to fine tune the fit of the holster and amount of retention needed.






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