LAG Tactical

M.C.S. Pro Series


With CAD-designed tooling and CNC machining to precise tolerances, the M.C.S. Pro accessory line is compact, versatile, and rugged. The M.C.S. Pro Carriers, made from injection molded nylon, offer a wide range of adjustment and multiple mounting options for various purposes such as concealed carry, duty use, MOLLE belts, plate carriers, competition belts, Hook & Loop for VERTX style bags, safe door organizers, and more.

Additionally, M.C.S. Pro Carriers can be combined using flexible bands to create multiple magazine carriers, tourniquet/magazine carrier combos, rifle/pistol magazine carrier combos, and more. They are designed to integrate closely together, optimizing the available space on your rig.


- Fits a wide range of magazines in the same carrier

- Made from Super Tough Nylon

- More temperature resistant and stronger than Kydex

- Adjustable retention

- Flared opening for easy insertion

- Magazine carriers will accept both rounds forward or rounds backwards

- Compatible with other common mounting options

- Ability to "nest" with other M.C.S. Line items (connector sold separately)




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