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The Defender (Custom Shop)


The Defender is our premier holster. This CNC cut, hand finished, and adjustable holster is primarily designed for strong side carry and can be worn either inside or outside the waistband.  The easily interchangeable belt loops take you seamlessly from your outside the waistband range set up, to your highly concealable inside the waistband daily carry in no time at all. The Defender features easily adjustable retention and is designed to be comfortable and lightweight.  



- Various Kydex color and thickness options

- Adjustable retention

- Ships with both IWB and OWB belt loops

- Cut to accommodate red dots

- Various belt attachment methods available

- Adjustable ride height and cant

- Flared edge for easy holstering

- Compatible with other common mounting options

- Covered magazine release

- Full sweat guard

- Contoured to fit body for maximum comfort




Customer Reviews

Based on 350 reviews

LAG makes the best holsters

America’s Holster

I’m a larger guy (6’2” 230) and this is by far the most comfortable holster I’ve used. I carry at the 3:30 position, and this fits great, is comfortable, and very concealable. There’s so much you can do with it/adjust to make it the right fit for YOU. The option to switch to OWB from IWB is a neat feature as well! Any gun carrying American needs this holster!

Don Lasswell
Best Holster so far.

I now have 3 Defender Holsters, 2 for my Glocks and now one for my Sig. They're all great and fit my body and carry style perfect. If you made one to fit my Ruger GP100 I'd own 4. Thanks for a fantastic product. DL

Stewart Kee
Could’ve been better

In the past, I have had several LAG holsters that I bought at a retail store and have always loved them. The custom shop holster wasn’t so great. There was virtually no contour to it, making it incredibly uncomfortable to wear iwb. I ended up using a heat gun to soften the kydex and shaping it a little better so I didn’t have a straight slab of plastic on my hip.

Jon Marks
Great Quality Product

I have 3 of these holsters. Wouldn’t recommend anything else for my 1911, P226 and P365

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